Note: To activate the keyboard FUNCTION LOCK - hold right Amiga key and then press the left Amiga key whilst the right is still held down. The Func light should then illuminate and you can then release both keys. Repeat to disable FUNCTION LOCK.

The Amiga "Classic" USB mechanical PC keyboard is a brand new officially licensed Amiga product manufactured by Simulant Systems Ltd. The keyboard is built to last, with a sturdy construction and quality components. Enjoy the ultimate typing experience with genuine Brown Cherry MX key switches.

Now you can use your PC, Mac or Linux computer with an Amiga keyboard that mixes traditional style with modern usability and comfort. If you wish to use this keyboard with classic big box Amigas and not modern systems, an adaptor is available to convert the cables/connectors here:

Amiga keyboard features include:

  • Officially licensed by Amiga Corporation. Amiga is a trademark or registered trademark of Amiga Corporation.
  • USB mechanical PC keyboard.
  • Sublimation printed Amiga-style keycap characters.
    (This form of heat transfer printing prevents the keys from wearing.)
  • Genuine Brown Cherry MX switches for audible and tactile feedback.
    (Brown switches are generally considered to be the best for both typing and gaming!)
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting with built-in Function mode to allow for extra keyboard shortcuts.
  • 105 Amiga-style custom PBT keycaps in traditional ISO layout.
    (Note: PBT keycaps are higher quality than the more common ABS type.)
  • Green LED status indicators.
    (A nod to classic Amiga keyboards that have green lights!)
  • Pulldown feet allow the keyboard to sit at 3 different heights for better ergonomics.
  • Beige/cream injection moulded casing.
  • Beige USB cable in PVC rubber with rear, left or right side cable management.
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.
    (In order to use with classic Amigas you will need our adaptor: )




  1. Does the keyboard work TheA500 Mini Amiga console by Retro Games Ltd?
    Yes it does. We have already tested this, see image below. It works great!
    The Amiga Mini with Mechanical Keyboard
  2. Will a Help Key be included with my keyboard keycaps?
    Not as standard, however if you really require a Help key then please let us know, we may be able to provide one with your order so that you can swap an existing key to become an Amiga-style Help key in your desired position. We have had Help keycaps made in limited quantities, we can't supply them with every order.
  3. Can I attach this to original hardware?
    You can, but you'll require our conversion kit which sits inside the keyboard case and changes the cable to use a DIN plug instead of USB:
  4. Will more languages/regional layouts be added?
    The keyboard base model is British English ISO, but we have also added extra keycaps to our store so that international language layouts can be achieved such as AZERTY, Nordic keys, QWERTZ and US # symbol location etc.
  5. Can the firmware be reflashed?
    We are looking into this currently and will update news on this soon.
  6. Is this compatible with the Vampire Standalone / V4 by Apollo?
    Not currently. We've used a very compatible Linux/Mac/Windows USB keyboard, so hopefully Apollo may add support in the future.
  7. What about import tax and EU IOSS? Will Brexit impact my order?
    Our store is IOSS registered, this means we will add EU import taxes to be paid at checkout. If your order is under €150 then no extra fees or charges will be payable on receiving your order. For those outside of the EU, any extra tax or fees after shipping will be down to your own regional Import/Export laws and will work in the usual way. Brexit should not have any further impact on orders.

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Amiga "Classic" USB mechanical PC keyboard

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