This kit easily converts our Amiga-branded USB Mechanical Keyboard to work with classic Amiga computers such as the 1500*, 2000*, 3000*, 4000, 4000T or Amiga CD32.
(*6pin to 5pin extension lead must also be selected when ordering for 1500, 2000 and 3000 models.)

The supplied adaptor and cable completely replaces the USB cable internally with a standard PS/2-style din cable - making this otherwise non-compliant modern USB keyboard fully PS/2 compliant for legacy computers. Once the cable is replaced and the keyboard is fitted back together, the small 6-pin DIN connector then plugs directly into Amiga 4000 and CD32 models, but is also compatible with all Amiga big box machines, even including the A1000 by using an adaptor.

Amiga USB keyboard to PS/2 adaptor kit features:

  • Fits internally in the keyboard casing (by removing the outer case and just four screws) - plug and play fit to swap internal USB cable to instead use a DIN plug connector.
  • Raspberry Pi powered controller to avoid chip shortages and ensure easy firmware updates.
  • 1.5metre cable supplied.
  • Anti-Static, non-conductive insulation provided to protect PCB from shorting inside the keyboard case.
  • Optional 6-pin to 5-pin extension available for A2000 and Amiga models which don't use the standard PS/2-style DIN connector.
  • Also works with Amiga 1000 and other PS/2 compatible hardware providing the connector and cable are adjusted accordingly (see photos for example of A1000 conversion) and use the correct pinout. In other words: put your own plug on the end and there are lots of opportunities!

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USB to Classic Amiga conversion kit for Amiga Mechanical Keyboards

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