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Nextcloud Hosting
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Nextcloud Hosting

Simulant Yorkshire-based cloud hosting can provide our very own Cloud File Storage accounts for your business, but if you want more control, administrative rights and to be able to create and manage your cloud users, team or staff - then a Nextcloud Hosting package is ideal.

Nextcloud software gives your business its very own Cloud Storage, Collaboration and Virtual Office platform which can be hosted on your very own custom-built dedicated server located at your business or in our Yorkshire Data Centre. We can also provide shared hosting packages with Nextcloud installation included if required.

Cloud Account Setup & Support

It is our job to make sure your Cloud Storage, Sync or Backup account works as it should for you or your business. Our support staff can either arrange an on-site IT support visit, remote login support or answer any queries via email, always giving full instructions and support until you're completely satisfied with the product.

We have a pre-defined Nextcloud Hosting package available to order online now to make life easier. Or if you opt for custom-built Dedicated Cloud Server to keep in your office, home or our data centre you can choose full server specifications, disk space, memory and processor speed as required. Again with full setup support from us! Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Virtual Office & Document Collaboration

Nextcloud can be set up to be a fully-featured Virtual Office with Word, Microsoft and Libreoffice document editing Apps built in, as well as note-taking, Calendars, Mail and Contacts so your team have all the tools they need to work from any location on any device.

Setting Up Your Own Cloud

Simulant Yorkshire-based cloud hosting can install and host your very own Cloud software using Nextcloud on our own servers or on a custom-built dedicated business server to provide cloud storage, device sync and backup solutions for your files and data. Whether hosted on our servers and located in our Yorkshire Data Centre, or built to keep on-site at your business, your business can benefit from its very own cloud storage solution. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation or order a pre-made package online now.