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Cloud File Storage
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Cloud File Storage

Our Cloud File Storage is extremely useful whether for personal or business requirements. Cloud Storage accounts offer complete versatility with the ability to save, open and backup your data whatever your location may be. From the office, home, while travelling or even on holiday you can have complete access to your documents, work files, photos and media. Simulant York-based cloud hosting use a combination of our own custom-built HyperX dedicated servers and hardware along with ownCloud software to offer industry leading Cloud File Hosting, Backup and Storage solutions.

Our Cloud Storage accounts can be used either standalone, with WebDav (as if an actual physical storage drive attached to your computer) or with a Sync client for Smartphones, Tablets or Desktop/PC. We also offer off-site Cloud backup for your servers or NAS (Network Attached Storage) files.

York Cloud Account Setup & Support

It is our job to make sure your York Cloud Storage, Sync or Backup account works as it should for you or your business. Our support staff can either arrange an on-site IT support visit, remote login support or answer any queries via email, always giving full instructions and support until you're completely satisfied with the product.

We have pre-defined York Cloud Storage packages already built to for you to order online now to make life easier.

Or if you opt for custom-built Dedicated York Cloud Server to keep in your office, home or our data centre you can choose full server specifications, disk space, memory and processor speed as required. Again with full setup support from us!

Our Yorkshire Cloud for Your Data

Simulant Yorkshire-based cloud hosting have built our very own 'Yorkshire Cloud' to provide cloud storage, device sync and backup solutions for your Data. We can also build your business its own Dedicated Server for use on-site or from our Data Centre for your very own cloud storage solution. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation or order a pre-made package online now.