Business Phone Line Rental

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Business Phone Line Rental
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Business Phone Line Rental Packages

A business phone (or landline rental) from Simulant in the UK could mean huge savings when compared to your current provider. With the exact same telephone lines being used and transferred to us, or even brand new line installation for your business - we can ensure the same call quality and improved customer service whilst still saving you money on your monthly bill. We can also provide all the features you'd expect from a big-named telecoms provider at a lower price including business Voicemail boxes, Multi-lines, Caller-ID, Call Waiting/Barring etc.

Simulant business phone call rates and tariffs are extremely competitive. We offer free cost comparisons to your existing provider, full itemised billing and no connection fees. Please contact us now for a free quote if you're interested in using a UK-based provider and saving money on your business phone bill.

Please contact us now for a free quote to start saving money on your business phone line rental and call charges.

Transferring your Business Phone Landline / Installing a new Phone Line with Simulant

We can give you a full breakdown of your available options, call costs, line rental and installation prices for business phone landlines - all we require for a competitive Business Phone quote is your existing number and postcode (or address for a new line to be installed).


Please Contact Us below and we'll be glad to help start saving you money on your business phone bills, as well as offering you the very best call quality and features available.