WiFi for old computers with a serial port

Simulant recently released a new product to enable WiFi on most old computers, servers and devices that have an rs232 serial port.

Wifi for old retro computers and vintage hardware

Wifi for old retro computers and vintage hardware


To give more information about how our Retro Wifi SI (Hayes compatible wifi modem) can be used we will be posting a series of blog articles over the coming months about setting up this Wifi modem on older computers such as Atari, Commodore Amiga, PC IBM XT, 8bit Basic and CP/M machines, MS-DOS computers etc etc. There are so many old computers and hardware it is impossible to list them all, anything that could use a dialup modem back in its own era should work with our new Wifi modem.

The Retro Wifi SI is basically a WiFi modem which (once plugged into an old computer) is seen as a dialup modem. The idea is that the Retro Wifi SI emulates dialup over Wifi, giving the old computer internet access but without needing a phone line – the retro computer can connect straight to any Wifi router whether at home, in the office or even through a Wifi hotspot.

There is still a lot of retro tech and vintage hardware in the world that can be recycled and put to good use, we believe all these old machines should not be disregarded when they can be hooked up to Wifi and the internet, giving them new functionality and purpose today.

So why not access a BBS (Bulletin Board System), chat online, transfer files, or even send an email from your home micro computer or old PC. Maybe from a 286, 386, 486, Acorn, Amiga, Commodore 64/PET, Amstrad, Apple, Apricot, Atari, BBC, DOS PC, IBM XT, NEC, Mac, MSX, Sinclair Spectrum, Tandy, Texas Instruments, Timex, Z80…

amstrad nc100 wifi bbs

Amstrad NC100 connected to BBS via Wifi


The Retro Wifi SI is even useful outside of the home or office. It can be used in factories and with industrial machinery to bring obsolete dialup hardware back into the present Wifi network.

More coming soon, but for now visit our online shop page for more information on the Retro Wifi SI modem for retro and vintage computers: