SEO – First page on Google!

Search Engine Optimisation is extremely important to any Yorkshire business and their online marketing. Simulant Systems Ltd provide local SEO services and consultation to our clients across Yorkshire on a daily basis. Changing a website’s code and content is just a small part of what we can offer, we can also provide server-side optimisations and actually host Yorkshire business websites on our servers located in Yorkshire! What better way to help support the local economy and enhance your local Google search presence?!

1st Page on Google: Ongoing Website SEO

SEO is ongoing and there is always more that can be worked on such as Social Networking, Link Building and Blogging – but good SEO can’t be done at all without a solid foundation to work with. We have to make sure our clients have websites that follow Google guidelines and promote fresh and relevant content.

We have just published a basic set of SEO Tips to help get your website 1st page on Google. You can read those SEO tips on the Simulant hosting Yorkshire blog here:

The 1st Page Isn’t Big Enough!

We must point out that we can’t guarantee a site will appear on the first page, as it really depends on what competing sites are doing and their budget – the first page of any Search Engine just isn’t long enough! The SEO tips we’ve posted above though will certainly help you increase rankings! If you would like an SEO quote or help implementing the best SEO for your website please contact Simulant hosting Yorkshire.