Advantages of SSL Certificates

Simulant hosting Yorkshire are a premium local supplier of Industry Standard SSL Certificates from major brands such as Symantec, Geo Trust and Comodo.

We often receive emails and questions about SSL Certificates, PCI compliancy, https SEO, website security, email validation and securing online transactions so here we try to explain the pros of using an SSL Certificate and how to set one up.

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a security measure often added to a website taking online payments or sensitive information from its users, it allows them to transmit private data or payment transactions between their internet browser and the website safely with encryption. This makes stealing sensitive information much more difficult for hackers, identity thieves or fraudsters. Usually a secure site using an SSL will show a Padlock icon in the browser address bar or highlight the URL in green.

Websites using eCommerce software with payment portals or online banking are often advised to have an SSL present to also allow the website to be PCI compliant and thus considered safe enough to store customer information and payment details.
SSL Certificates are not all about making online payments though, there are many other advantages to adding a layer of extra security to your website, email or business server.

To Search Engines and large internet organisations, SSL certificates also are an indicator of a trustworthy business - if you're website uses an SSL it is more likely to be seen as a high-quality and safe resource for users which can even improve your website Search Engine Optimisation and rankings. Emails sent out from servers using SSL Certificates also have a better chance of avoiding Spam or Junk filters and ISPs and Email Providers such as AOL, Gmail and Hotmail will take them more seriously. This is because not only is the information passed between users and these sites/servers encrypted so cannot be accessed by unwanted parties, but also because SSL Certificates are used to authenticate and validate identity by a 3rd party such as WebTrust. A user can then rest assured they're sending payments, emails or personal information to the correct recipient and not fake or illegitimate websites set up in order to trick them.

So the SSL Certificate is always worth having for business/site reputation, security and external 3rd party validation of your business. But there also is a downside; cost. In order to own or lease and SSL Certificate a yearly or reoccurring subscription payment has to be paid. Costs can range from a temporary free SSL, £20 per year or up into thousands of pounds. The price all depends on what level of security you need, warranty cover if things did go wrong, how many websites or servers you have that need protecting and also whether extra services are desired such as daily PCI scanning. But whatever the type of SSL you have in place, it is always safer to have some level of protection there rather than none at all.

Simulant Systems Ltd offer just about every type of SSL Certificate available with prices for all users and sizes of businesses. Please feel free to ask any advice or contact us to find out what the best option to suit your requirements may be.

You can also order online, free setup and installation is included with no technical knowledge needed:

Act now and make sure your servers, emails and website presence is secure. Protect your business online with a high-spec SSL Certificate from Yorkshire hosting provider Simulant Systems Ltd.
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