Ideal for new websites, for revitalising existing ones and for pdf brochures and advertisements, this valuable option gives you total peace of mind that your web text is correct, professional and effective!

Our associates Ebor Self Publishing understand how readers interact with websites. They also know how to manipulate the written word to create the right effect and give you a competitive edge. We are delighted to offer you their expertise in assessing your draft copy's performance, editing out errors and giving it a professional polish.

This addon is available in your control panel by clicking 'Services' and then 'Addons'. It provides at least 2 hours of in-depth analysis and correction of your website copy. It examines both the quality of text and its performance relating to the site's objectives. You will be able to check every edit, and will receive a report outlining any significant problems and recommendations.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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