Unfortunately over the course of yesterday and last night, one of the Simulant Yorkshire hosting servers has been targeted by Hackers causing some of our clients to experience email and website downtime.

Although we take full industry standard security precautions no server can ever be 100% safe on any service with any provider. We have been very unlucky, targeted by professional network infiltrating criminals.

We can only apologise for the inconvenience and we won't stop working until any remaining issues are resolved.

The hackers have used "Ransomware" or "Cryptolocker" type attacks which encrypt mail folders and site files so they cannot be accessed. A Ransom Note is then left on the server requesting payment via BitCoin, the Ranson Note will then claim that files can be restored once payment is made.

We'd like to advise our clients to never make such payments if requested as the hackers cannot be trusted.

Simulant Systems Ltd would never give in to blackmail or pay any ransoms in this way.

We will always continue to work non-stop to get our clients' sites, email and other files back online and keep them online when a situation like this arises.

Apologies again and thanks for your understanding.

Monday, October 19, 2015

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