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Website Rescue
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Missing Web Designer or Host? Get Access To Your Website

Simulant's Website Rescue Service offers our support and help to anyone having problems with accessing their website, issues updating or amending content or transferring ownership. We'll help rescue your site and get things working as they should and put you back in control of your website. Simulant hosting in Yorkshire offer a complete range of website assistance and maintenance services.

Can't access website

Get Back Control of Your Website

  • Website Rescue of sites that have gone offline, expired or can no longer be accessed
  • Transfer the domain back to the rightful owner
  • Back up your existing website files and move them to our servers
  • Provide new login details to your website if lost or stolen
  • Edit, adjust or amend your existing website to bring the content back up-to-date
  • Track down previous website designers, agencies or hosting companies to retrieve your website.

Lost Login Details, Web Designer Gone or Web Agency Closed?

So if your web design agency has closed down, your website designer has disappeared or you've lost your password and login information we may be able to help. Simulant can give you access back to your website.

If you're interested in using this web support service please contact us for for information.