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Mobile Website Design York
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Mobile Website Design York

Businesses now need Mobile Website Design York not only for a user-friendly experience but also to keep a good SEO Search Engine results ranking and stay ahead of the competition.

Google and other Search Engines now analyse your website's Mobile and Tablet compatibility when ranking you in Search Results. Websites lacking mobile friendly features are positioned lower in the Search Results for users actually searching on such Mobile and Tablet devices.

So it is extremely important to make sure your business does not miss out and that your site is compatible.

More Internet Use Through Smartphones

There is actually now more internet traffic and user usage through Smartphones and Tablets than there is on Desktops, so to add a Mobile Website to your businesses with professional development from York-based Simulant means potentially tapping in on more potential customers and increasing your hits by at least double your current visitor rates.

Mobile Web Design Packages

At Hosting Yorkshire our Mobile Web Design Packages are both iOS, Windows and Android compatible. They also work well with other devices and tablet systems. We set up everything for you with no technical knowledge required and set redirects so that users on Desktops or PCs stay on your main website while Tablet and Mobile users automatically are directed to the Mobile Website or Web App. Please contact us for further information or order online now to start your Mobile Website Design build.