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Social Networks such as Facebook are scanned by Google and other Search Engines regularly to establish what topics, sites and news stories are being shared and actively discussed by their users. Websites and profiles that have a high number of Facebook Likes, contain fresh and relevant content, and are active are considered to be more popular and thus ranked higher on search engines results pages.

With your own Facebook profile linking to your business website in both news posts and from the profile page itself - this is one of the highest quality backlinks to your website you can obtain if your account is used well and has a large number of other relevant pages and user accounts 'Liking' your own site or profile. In short, Facebook Likes do help your SEO if they're obtained correctly.

How to Get More Facebook Likes

Hosting Yorkshire only use ethical white-hat SEO strategies to get more Facebook Likes for your business. We promote your site within our own network of Yorkshire-related online Directories, Social Networks and 3rd party sites to help build a better Social presence and produce high-quality Social Signals that Search Engines such as Google will pick up on.

Start Obtaining Facebook Likes

If you want to build up more Facebook Likes for your business please contact us for a free Facebook Social SEO quote or you can order online to get started right now. Obtaining more Facebook Likes for your business could be just the extra push that is needed to rank you ahead of a competitor that up-to-now you just haven't been able to rank above on Search Results pages.